Here is my latest: My girlfriend Jaimee, a Professional Civil Engineer, President/Owner of the Pacific Concepts (a shareholder and responsible for the multi-million dollar Exchange 215, a mix plaza and loft style office buildings at Russell/South 215 Beltway and owner of “The Cauldron”), also a Real Estate Developer/Broker, a shareholder to many restaurant and bar businesses and a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) asked me to join her and become a member to launch some kind of energy drink???? You’re insane Jaimee!!!!

Efusjon launched in January 2009 and it is the SIMPLICITY OF THE PRODUCT AND COMPENSATION PLAN that is breaking all records in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Jaimee is doing this part time in addition to handling all her responsibilities. She swears that she will be making extra $10,000 - $30,000 a month in 4 months because this is so ground level and simple. No one knows about it yet.

Works like this…

1. On energy drink with acai berry with or without caffeine. Tastes better than Monster or Red Bull… like strawberry soda. 250% vitamin C, B12, yada, yada, yada…and guess what, with Vodka….it’s awesome!!!!

2. $120 + shipping for 1 month supply of product (48 cans) and $30 one time club membership fee. That’s it and you get your energy every day and of course, the big bucks!!! (well, you have to have people signed up under you)

3. You get 4.5% (of every $120) of everyone under you and all the people signed up under your people 15 levels deep, so as long as you have 3 active people under're all set!

4. Additionally, you'll get 1% of the community overlap from the people who signed up under your people (I'll take it)...I have 15 people put under me in a week that I don’t know.

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